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about me

Hi, I'm Anina! I've always loved to cook. Growing up, the kitchen was the room where our family gathered. I watched and learned from my Italian grandmother, Nonna and began cataloging her recipes- preserving our family history and stories in my blog, My Nonna"s Kitchen


Eventually, I found my way to Boston University's Food and Wine Program. There, I earned my Master's in Gastronomy, and certificates in culinary arts, cheese and wine. As a student, TA and now instructor I have had the opportunity to work with and assist an extraordinary group of chefs including, Mary Ann Esposito, Jeremy Sewall, Jamie Bissonnette, Michael Leviton and the program's founder, the esteemed Jacques Pepin. 


After receiving the Julia Child Award for Excellence in Culinary Arts, I went on to sell small batch soups (using Nonna's recipes!) at Boston area farmers markets, Now, my culinary journey as led me back to the kitchen where I find great joy in providing nourishing, flavorful meals to my clients. 

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