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how it works

I do menu planning, food shopping and in-house meal preparation for families and individuals looking for both short-term or long-term personal chef services in the greater Boston area. 


Hiring a personal chef is well, personal! I work with you to find a schedule, frequency and meal type that makes sense for your needs. For a set rate, I provide a half or full day of personal chef time. A half day of chef services gets you approximately 3-4 meals (portions for everybody). There is no subscription commitment and you decide how often you would like to engage my services. 


Once we've established dietary and flavor preferences ( including food allergies, avoidance, nutrition aspirations, etc.) I create a menu for your approval. I do the shopping and cook the meals in your home, leaving your kitchen the way I found it with a fridge that’s filled with ready to eat, delicious meals.

This is an ideal service for busy professionals, elderly relatives and friends with new babies!

Price and sample menus available upon requestI happily accommodate vegetarian and gluten free diets.

Homemade pappardelle with zucchini and b
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